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Five Types Of Tree Trimming

Five types of tree trimming

If a big tree is dropping tons of leaves on your lawn or house, or if it's shading the lawn to the point where grass won't grow, you may have considered tree removal. However, sometimes the whole tree doesn't have to come down- maybe it just needs to be trimmed back.

Tree trimming is a precise science- it's the maintenance of a living organism, after all. However, it takes craftsmanship, too- curb appeal should ideally be one of the main benefits of having a tree trimmed. Both tree removal and trimming should be handled by trained, certified arborists who know the right way to take care of your tree.

Carolina Wrenn, LLC is a licensed and insured tree removal and trimming company, and we offer various forms of trimming and pruning to keep your tree healthy and your property's curb appeal high. If you're interested in what we offer, call us at (843)-901-5875. In the meantime, here are five types of tree trimming that may benefit your landscaping!

Canopy Lifting

Also called crown raising or crown lifting, canopy lifting does what it says- it lifts the canopy of the tree. We remove low branches that can obstruct pathways or brush up against structures, increasing the clearance under the canopy.

Crown Thinning

If a tree's canopy is growing too thick, it can block breezes and sunlight from getting through. This can lead to issues like crowding out other vegetation or enabling mold growth on heavily shaded areas of your home. To alleviate this, we strategically thin out the canopy by removing smaller exterior branches to allow more light and air movement to penetrate the canopy.

Dead Pruning

While the tree as a whole may be healthy, certain branches can die or become diseased. They should be removed right away, not just to eliminate the risk of falling dead branches, but to prevent disease and decay from spreading to the rest of the tree. Dead pruning doesn't just remove the dead or diseased branches but also shapes and improves the look of the tree overall.

Crown Reduction

If you're concerned that your tree is growing too tall, crown reduction may be the solution. Crown reduction works by removing smaller branches from larger, heavy ones and cutting them back to the lateral branches. This reduces the size and height of the canopy and helps keep the tree from becoming too top-heavy.

Crown Restoration

If your tree has incurred damage, such as storm damage, the shape may have been altered or ruined. Crown restoration is a long-term strategic process that encourages the tree to regrow its normal structure. We remove dead or broken branches and cut the branches back to encourage the growth of new healthy branches. We revisit the tree over time to monitor its growth and trim or prune it as needed to ensure the tree grows into an ideal, appealing shape.

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